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Welcome to Kingwood Alliance Soccer Club – Northeast Houston’s Premier Soccer Club.  

Kingwood Alliance Soccer Club is a dynamic youth soccer organization that was started in 2004 with a simple idea – the kids should come first.  We will never lose sight of that fundamental objective.  We believe families continue to join our club because of our focus on the kids.  

We look forward to the prospect of you and your family joining our club.    The Kingwood Alliance Soccer Club programs have grown 223% percent since starting in 2004.  Our soccer programs, including Recreational, Academy, and Competitive programs, offer a complete training experience for player development.  By letting youth play, they explore the game, fall in love with playing, and allow the sport to be the best teacher.

The Recreational teams practice and play games locally.  The Academy and Competitive teams practice locally, but play games against appropriate competition in the Houston area.  Our club players also participate on community High School teams.  Throughout the year, the Club conducts various training programs and soccer camps that include instructors from both the professional soccer ranks and national youth soccer coaching staff.


To be a highly respected youth soccer club, passionately producing quality players, teams, coaches and club management.


Provide the Houston area youth a quality opportunity to play soccer at the developmental, competitive, premier and federation levels through:

  • Focusing on serving the community by making a place for every player and family.
  • Emphasizing on player and team development with a dedicated, professional training staff.
  • Providing a clearly defined, highly effective, and transparent governing structure.
  • Executing with a transparent, financial plan that is driven by professionally directed business practices with accountability to the club’s constituents.

Core Values

Commitment.  Pride.  Passion.

Philosophy for Youth Development

"Train up a child in the way he should grow, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

A youth soccer program offers a complete training experience for player development.  By letting youth play, they explore the game, fall in love with playing, and allow the sport to be the best teacher. 

Simply, good training creates:

  • A Love of the Game
  • A Desire to Master the Ball
  • An Understanding of Soccer Techniques
  • An Understanding of Soccer Tactics
  • A Positive Mentality
  • A Positive Self-Concept
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Individual and Team Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving
  • Opportunities to Deal with Disappointment
  • Self Evaluation
  • Physical Fitness
  • Group Loyalty

A “win at all costs”  mentality fails within this training structure.  The performance and needs of the player are placed over results and, thus, the win-loss ratio becomes deemphasized.

Instead, players are allowed to make mistakes, as mistakes provide great lessons.  The focus remains on the value of the individual’s experience and the value of the lessons.  Ultimately, the youth are provided opportunities to learn skills and ideals that are meaningful throughout a lifetime.  To this end, good training instills these qualities, which enhances a player’s development into adulthood.