John Hancock - Recreational Coordinator

Post date: Oct 10, 2011 8:35:45 PM

Parents, Coaches and Coordinators:

As this fall season prepares to start I just wanted to make you all aware of my decision over the summer to resign as Recreation Director for Kingwood Alliance.

I have watched the number of kids in this club grow, enjoying soccer the way it should be played, “Fun first”. I have been in charge of the recreation group for over 6 years trying to help Mark and Carlos fulfill their vision of a soccer program for the right reasons. I have seen River Grove overflow with players and now our expansion to include North Park. I see lots of great things happening in the future as well, as the club continues to grow, mainly via word of mouth.

Unfortunately, growth requires more time and effort, which I was just running out of. My job requirements have increased adding more travel and I just didn’t feel I could focus the same attention to the program as I have in the past. Just not enough time in the day for family, work and volunteer efforts. We have a good base to work from, with great people helping that have made those tasks easier, but I think it is time for some new blood to help take the club to the next level.

I will continue to help out as my schedule allows, because I still very much believe in this club and want to see it continue to grow.

Thanks to all our coordinators, coaches and parents for giving the kids a chance to play a truly fun game and thank you for your support!

John Hancock