The Kingwood Alliance Soccer Club Recreational Program's principle focus is to organize, promote, and administer programs for the recreational youth soccer player in a safe, positive environment oriented towards fun and fairness. 

Programs focus on learning and fun in a non-competitive environment.  No scores or standings are maintained.  The program focus remains fun and learning with orientation towards the more casual, recreational youth player. 

All coaches will be required to play all players a minimum of 50% of the time.  Additionally, no player will be allowed to play more than 75% of the game until and unless all other players have played not less than 75%. 

Everyone in the area of Kingwood, Humble, Porter, New Caney and surrounding areas are invited to participate.  We believe that our club has put together an excellent program that mixes the fun of soccer within a safe, nurturing and learning environment which hopefully allows the player to love the great game of soccer.

U4 through U7 - Division IV

Soccer for the pure enjoyment!  For all beginners and those that have already played a few seasons.  Positive coaching allows for encouragement  and guidance not only in your weekly practice but at the games as well.  All games are in house.  All play groups are gender specific and mostly single aged.

Season Fees:

$145 (Regular Registration)

$170 (Late Registration)

U8 through U10 -Division IV

Kingwood Alliance Soccer Club is pleased to announce the new format for its U8 through U10 recreational player.  Besides the games on Saturdays and the team practice during the week your child will be part of the High Performance program which is designed exclusively for our members. The program is to provide advanced opportunities for our older recreational players so that they may fully enjoy the game. This will also better prepare them for the next level the following year if they so desire at that time. There will be Monday-Wednesday night professional training run by HTX Soccer, which will be fully supported by the professional training staff. This will help supplement one of their team practices. This will also be a helpful tool for each coach as it can be used in their practice prior to the training. The training staff will also observe actual league games to assess players’ level of performance under various circumstances to apply that knowledge to their training. There is also the opportunity to be invited to train with our Academy teams and participate as a guest player in their tournaments. This promotes genuine soccer development through multi-faceted games and different levels of play.

Season Fees:

$195 (Regular Registration)

$225 (Late Registration)

U11 and above - Division III

Division III program is offered to recreational players starting at U11. Division III is a higher level of play.  There is a training session every week with the team head coach/volunteer parent. 

This league is played against other recreational clubs in Houston and requires some traveling. Half of the games are played in Kingwood (River Grove Fields) and the other half are played in the Houston area. Most of the games are played on Saturday but there are also games scheduled for an occasional  Sunday. Players must play at least 50% of the playing time every game.

Division III is still considered recreational. No tryouts required!

Season Fees:

$290 (Regular Registration)

$325 (Late Registration)

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