Puma/Alliance Players of the Month

Post date: May 11, 2011 12:36:31 AM

As nominated by the Alliance training staff:


Under 11 Navy Megan Eichler

Her game has really evolved this month and she has stepped up in many ways. I usually only have to tell her something once and she always has her soccer brain turned on and tuned in. Even playing in the back, she has stepped up and helped our offense by creating a few nice assists and some goals to boot!

Under 11 White Julia Handley

Julia is very consistent with game and with practice attendance. Her personality in and off the fields is great.

Under 12 Navy Ariel

She has developed/evolved as a team leader this month and is very versatile in her abilities to play certain positions. She always works hard and supports her teammates no matter the time or scoreline. She brings a passion for the game and leaves everything on the field.

Under 13 Navy Lindsey Fitz

She has scored our last 4 goals and works hard no matter which position or roll we need her in. She has attended every Mon/Wed training and keeps the level of play very competitive.

Under 17 Navy Kaitlyn Fitz

Kaitlyn is a outstanding goalkeeper that is a natural shot stopper . She is the starting keeper for Kingwood High School and is a leader on and off the pitch . She has proven game after game that the keeper position is a very important part of the game of Soccer


Academy Boys Donovan Josey

has been chosen as player of the month for the Academy Boys Program because of his hard work, great attitude, and the fact that he is very coachable. No one right now is training more than Donovan. He trains in the academy, and he has also joined in and trained with the Under 13 boys as well as the Under 12 Boys. Donovan shows great leadership for such a young player. His leadership is always attitude and action. Great job Donovan! Well done.

Under 11 Navy Patrick Roach

Patrick is deserving because he has kept us in games with his outstanding defensive play. He does thing as a defender that I don't even see on the high school level.

Under 11 White Trevor Lattimore

Trevor is very consistent with game and with practice attendance. His personality in and off the fields is great.

Under 12 Navy Alex Ash

Alex is the anchor to our defense. We have played some pretty good teams lately. We have won one game and tied two. The win was a 1-0 win. Both ties were 1-1 ties. Without Alex on defense we would have probably lost both games.

Under 13 Navy Kolbey Schoener

His defending is superb. He attacks the flight of the ball. He has determination and bravery. His individual defending on one on one situation is very, very good I am very impressed with Kolbey. I am very impressed with his mentality. Very coachable, great job!

Under 14 Navy Michael Stroud.

Mike is a 100% player. He first to the pitch and last to leave. He leaves everything on the feild every training and match. 100% coachable. 100% perfect attitude. Comes to a match with a 102 degree fever. Plays 80% of match with 100% effort

Under 15 Navy Logan Speckert

is a very versatile left back outside left with a sweet left foot and a great attitude. Logan has been chosen as player of the month for stepping up and playing in the goal on several occasions when his team needed it. He put his team and his teammates first before himself. He is showing a great attitude, and it is for this reason that Logan was chosen as player of the month for the Under 15 Boys.

Under 16 Navy Brandon Pires

I would like to give that honor to Brandon Pires, it is my

Goalie (only one), he was hurt last season and he came back for us in

the Spring, He helped the team a lot and in fact he saved two Penalty

Kicks in the season.

Under 17 Navy Adam Deaton

Adam shows remarkable leadership skills on the field and consistently looks for ways to better his game. Adam attends practice regularly and plays the game with enormous passion.